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Git flow initialize

To inizialize git flow with default branches configuration, run

git flow init -d

It will create a git flow structure to your project

Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/giulia/Sites/giulia/test/.git/
Using default branch names.
No branches exist yet. Base branches must be created now.
Branch name for production releases: [main]
Branch name for "next release" development: [develop]
.git/hooks/post-commit: line 8: git-stats: command not found

How to name your supporting branch prefixes?
Feature branches? [feature/]
Bugfix branches? [bugfix/]
Release branches? [release/]
Hotfix branches? [hotfix/]
Support branches? [support/]
Version tag prefix? []
Hooks and filters directory? [/Users/giulia/Sites/giulia/test/.git/hooks]

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