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Shell cheatsheet

Few commands I found very useful during development.

Command Description
man ls show manual for command 'ls'
wc <file> words count
rm <file> remove/delete file
rm -i <file> remove/delete file (interactive, ask confirm)
rmdir <directory> remove/delete directory
rm -R <directory> remove/delete directory and subdirectory
rm -iR <directory> remove/delete directory (interactive)
cp <current location> <destination> copy files
chmod -R 755 <folder> add writing permission to folder
pwd present working directory / print working directory
cd change directory
mkdir make directory
ls list files
ls -l list files (long form)
ls -lah list files (long form, all also hidden, human readable)
touch [filename] create file
chown change owner
cat <file> show file
<cmd> > <file> direct the output of "cmd" into "file"
grep -rl "<text>" <dir> search for all files containing <text> inside <dir>
ln symbolic link
alias show available alias on shell
cd - go to the previous current directory
ctrl + r advanced search (search any word in bash history)
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