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A good plan today is better
than a perfect plan tomorrow
George S. Patton

[Project] Super styleguide

This project is the little design system I used to build this blog.
The DS has few components and less variants as possible, because I developed just what I needed to build a simple blog like this, KISS! (a.k.a. Keep It Simple Stupid!) 😇

Use Tech stack
Presentation Layer UIengine
Template engine EJS
Content Javascript
Documentation Markdown
Repository Open source on GitHub

Project review, what I learned or improved #


I designed the pages on my own and the result is quite banal and impersonal. I reevaluated a lot designers job!


I used UIengine before in a very big project, with lots of components and variants, and I loved it. Here — in this little project — I loved it even more!! 😍 UIengine is very fast and easy to use, well done Dennis! Bonus point: under the hood, the core is completely written in JS and the framework used is VueJS 🙌🏻 The only flaw I saw is that UIengine unfortunately does not support Twig or Nunjucks template engines, which I think are the more versatile template engines to use.


This was the first (and probably the last!) time I used EJS as template engine. It was confortable to use JavaScript functions into the template, but I hate its terrible syntax with <%=> delimiters and for loops using functions. 🤢

All things considered I liked build this mini design system!

Overall score #

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